We are the largest business advisory and accountancy firm in New Zealand's Far North. We have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of businesses and families for more years than we care to remember (Cliff thinks it's at least 30 years).

We have a large team of accountants and business specialists based in offices in Kaikohe, Kaitaia and Kerikeri.

The directors, Annika, Cliff and Wayne are hands-on working alongside clients. They also champion our expertise hubs:
* Technology, systems and processes
* Business consultancy and marketing
* Financial and investment planning
* Compliance and administration

It's a busy place but a healthy work-life balance is encouraged. With our offices situated in one of New Zealand's most amazing outdoor playgrounds we try and make the most of it. Wayne regularly heads off to mow the lawns (especially in summer), Annika takes the kids to sports and Cliff continues to hone his golf swing at the local golf club. So it's not just our clients who are living the dream!

Our Leaders

Our Philosophy & Our Promise to You

At the heart of our business are people - mum's, dad's, aunties, brothers... we are all part of families. Our goal at Whitelaw Weber is to enrich other families by helping them be successful in business. We're not interested in glitz and glamour - we simply want our client's businesses to thrive so they can share that success with their community.

Our guiding principles are key to how we operate:
1. Leadership - providing direction and vision while empowering people
2. Passion - having unrelenting courage and drive to pursue what is right
3. Caring - showing empathy and respect and putting families first
4. Innovation - proactively creating and embracing better ways
5. Loyalty - there for you 'through thick and thin'
Being accountable is very important to us. We want to be upfront with our clients and ensure there are no nasty surprises.
We promise to respond to your needs in a timely, relevant and effective manner. Always.
Positive Return on Investment
We promise to provide services and advice that will generate more value than they cost.
A Complete Solution
We promise solutions that are comprehensive and innovative.

Our Team


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