Bald Angels

Creating positive change for our tamariki and rangatahi by leading and facilitating community collaboration.

The Bald Angels Charitable Trust exists to motivate communities to nourish their own tamariki (children) so they thrive. The Trust’s achievements and influence has made a real difference to many local families and children. Since its inception the Trust has raised more than $100,000 and helped young people facing adversity and trauma by connecting them with willing donors and volunteers.

The next initiative being scoped by this community-led Trust is about closing the Northland employment gap by connecting capable, talented youth with potential employers. KiwiMANA would drive productivity, well-being and economic prosperity by providing practical life-skills, hands-on training and ongoing mentoring. Via their kiwiMANA program youth have transitioned from a vulnerable and sometimes dangerous place, to a place where they can value themselves, recognise their worth, and have the ability to hope and dream.

  • 50% have been directly navigated to long term sustainable jobs and training.

  • 75% have quit addictions.

  • 100% have First Aid certificates.

  • 75% upgraded or achieved Learner Driver Licences.

  • 100% have learnt about healthy choices, communication, mindfulness and respect for self and others.

By continuing to mentor these youth, Bald Angels guide them to use the tools they have for a healthy and productive life.

Whitelaw Weber is right behind this amazing charity and while we haven’t shaved our heads (yet) we are more than happy to help them with the administrative, marketing and financial aspects of their work.

To make a donation to Bald Angels visit their website below.