Improving Cyber Safety

As Kiwis the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude comes through in so much of our personal and professional lives.

We are known around the world for being ‘laid back’ and ‘down to earth’ – so much so that even the leader of our country gets mistaken as entourage, rather than as the Prime Minister! 

When it comes to business dealings, this approach is both helpful and harmful. We are pioneers, innovators and problem solvers. On the flip side, we are less inclined to plan for the unexpected, instead relying on our ‘number 8 fencing wire’ skills. 

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In business there are a number of things that must be planned for – cashflow, tax, stock, labour and so on. The latest critical issue for businesses is cyber security. In NZ alone, there are 108 cyber-attacks every day resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars. Businesses of all sizes across all industries are being targeted by cybercriminals. Having a plan in place for managing malicious software (ransomware, spyware, viruses, trojans and phishing attacks) has become a must-have.

The good news is the government has proactively created an online hub ( outlining the four easy steps to improve cyber safety in your business. In fact this week marks Cyber Smart Week – giving you everything you need to review and strengthen cyber security.

With our reliance on technology we reckon ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’. Don’t you?

If you want help with planning for the unexpected drop us a line.

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