Be - Do - Have

Our success in life can so easily be summed up using the above 3 words IN THEIR CORRECT ORDER.  So often though the ordering of these 3 words has such a different influence on the outcomes we achieve.  Compare these 2 sentences:

‘When I HAVE a more profitable business I will DO great things with my family and will BE a great Wife / Husband or Mother / Father.  I just need to work a bit harder first, get my business sorted, deal with these clients, finish these projects and then everything will be fine.’

In other words ‘HAVE, DO, BE’. 

Try re-thinking this as a different sentence:

‘In order to BE a great Wife / Husband or Mother / Father, I need to DO things like working smarter so I can HAVE more time with my family.’  This doesn’t mean I’ll let down my clients; on the contrary I may even be able to share my smarter way of working with my clients so they too can BE who they want to be too.’

In other words ‘BE, DO, HAVE.’


When we bring the focus back onto who we need to BE first, we immediately start to act in a way consistent with that role (DO).  The things we HAVE become the bi-product of who we are being as opposed to the things we have to DO before we can BE who we want to BE.

So who do you really want to BE? Start being that person today in how you think, what you say and how you act.  Live into who you need to BE.  Let the BE drive what you DO from now on.  You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll get what you want (the HAVE).

“Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are” Lady Gaga