Don’t Limit Your Business

At a recent community meeting, those attending (of which there were over 300) were asked to imagine what the community would look and feel like if they had a magic wand and could change anything. Of course there was much excitement and a small dose of cynicism, but the results were astounding. The entire crowd embraced the process and came up with the same 7 areas of focus.

As business owners we sometimes create artificial boundaries that stifle our progress or interfer with our ability to resolve issues. In these situations , we use an analytical tool called The Magic Wand. We ask the client to assume there are no limits to how they would improve the business. Anything is possible – as if they had a magic wand.

Often the client will come up with a list of issues, some of which are symptoms with others being the core problems. By focussing on the core problems (or opportunities) and developing a plan to address or minimise / seize the problem / opportunity, there is an immediate sense of relief and control.

If the Magic Wand tool generates a long list, the most effective process is to identify the top 20% of issues / opportunities that will deliver 80% of the solution / progress (this is called the Pareto Prinicple).

At the end of the community meeting, there were saying they had a great time and really enjoyed the process. How often does that happen?!

If you had a magic wand, with no limitations, what changes would you make to your business? What action do you need to take to make that change possible? Check out this wish list:

  • Double sales

  • Double margins

  • Double profitability

  • Double the customer base

  • Work less hours / spend more time with the family

  • Spend more time working on the business and less time working in it

  • Eliminate debt

  • Eliminate debtors

  • Improve staff satisfaction

  • Upgrade equipment / plant / technology

“Don’t limit yourself to the skies when there is a whole galaxy out there.”

Bianca Frazier