Playing in the Band

One of our team members has a son, Jack, who plays the drums in a band called Reflecks.  The band recently played at Marsden Cove. It was a great evening of entertainment. 


On reflection it struck us just how powerful it is when a group of people, each playing different instruments, come together with perfect timing, pitch and harmony. Each member of the band had absolute clarity about their role, what they were doing and when.  How can we learn from this in our business?

  • The power of the group – the team of people in your business is better than the sum of each individual (especially when they are all in tune with each other)

  • Team members have different roles to play; when they all come together the results are outstanding (and loud!)

  • The role of the drummer is to set the beat and count the other performers in – without a leader, the team will not work well together

  • The band manager is like your admin and finance teams – ensuring everything is in place and organised for the main performance

  • The power of the ‘rest’ – when for example some band members step back to let a soloist shine.

So with this in mind, how is your band performing?  Do you have sufficiently diverse skills in your team to deliver a polished product or service? How are you performing as the drummer?  Is the band manager ensuring the team is working as efficiently as possible?  The best way to maximise your performance as a team is to get your structure right. We work alongside clients helping them create the ideal organisational structure (called 10 Hats).

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford