More than just accountants. Let’s get your business flourishing.

Every business needs clarity around its direction and priorities whether it is a sole trader or nationwide enterprise. A business without a plan (or blueprint, or roadmap or whatever you like to call it) is a lot like a ship without a rudder. You can have a lot of momentum but you may just go in circles.

A Business Plan will help to ensure you create clear choices when developing your business. Business Coaching will ensure you are monitoring your business correctly and understand your financial results. The correct plans and marketing tools will ensure you are sorted for whatever gets thrown your way. Use the Life Organiser to assist in maintaining your affairs, keeping them backed up electronically and securely. And the Organisational Review will help you develop a clear structure to run your business smoothly and efficiently, with everyone knowing their role.

Read throw our business growth options below. If you have any questions or queries, drop us a line.

Here for the long haul

A good plan strips away all the noise and helps you make clear choices about how you are going to compete, where you will focus and what your priorities are. Studies show that businesses that fail to plan are less likely to be around in 10 years time. Is your business here for the long haul?

Another feature of a good plan is it continues to evolve. It gets reviewed regularly as the business meets milestones and the market place changes. As a 'one pager' it can be stuck to your wall to help guide day to day decisions (not like a 20 page document hidden away in the bottom draw gathering dust!)


What you get

We will create a one page business plan for your business by:

  • Reviewing and setting the direction of the business

  • Finding common goals - which is important if you have a number of directors

  • Identifying and prioritising your key goals dividing them into Quick Wins vs Key Projects

  • Creating strategies to achieve those goals

  • Setting time-frames for achieving goals (providing accountability and a template to review actual performance against targets)

  • Providing the platform to create financial forecasts

This plan can then be used as a tool to communicate your business goals and vision with your team.


How we do it

Following the completion of pre-work, you’ll attend a four hour planning session covering the following:

  • Setting both personal and business goals for the next 12 months

  • Formulating an action plan with strategies to support achievement of goals

  • Identification of Gross Revenue Targets and Key Performance Indicators

  • Identification of opportunities and vulnerabilities in your business that need to be managed

  • Establishment of a 90 day Action Plan to address immediate critical issues

Financial Awareness Coaching

You will attend meetings with us every two months to discuss your financial results. The focus of each meeting will change and progress depending on your needs and objectives. You will:

  • Develop an understanding of your key financial reports

  • Gain knowledge of key accounting concepts

  • Learn how to report on cashflow and profit

  • Begin to produce your own customised reports on a monthly basis

  • Understand how to better manage your debtors and creditors

  • Learn how to monitor income and expenses throughout the year

  • Find ways to save time on admin tasks that could be automated

  • Identify weaknesses / areas to work on between meetings to get better results

  • Iron out any existing errors (formats, coding, analysis, timing differences)

  • Start to understand other information you may need to capture monthly (e.g. stock, debtors, creditors) and how to do this easily

KPI Coaching

First we work together to establish the key drivers in your business.  These may be financial (e.g. gross profit margin or average annual customer spend) or non-financial (e.g. customer satisfaction ratings). Then we teach you how to measure each KPI and track them via a cloud based performance dashboard. We’ll then work with you on a monthly basis to form a tactical plan that includes all of the business processes and behavioral changes needed to improve your results.

Quarterly Coaching

This coaching programme consists of quarterly meetings with one of our senior team members as well as phone and email support.  The purpose of each meeting is to review your actual results, clarify areas where you can improve your business performance, set 90 day goals and identify strategies to achieve them

As a result of each meeting you will develop a realistic 90 day action plan with timelines to keep you on track to achieve your annual Business Plan. You will have unlimited access to our expertise and resources to enable you to implement best business practice

Marketing Planning

Is your Business customer-centric?

 A big part of standing out from your competitors is the values that businesses have in regards to their clients. Having a clear plan to promote your brand, products and services, whilst listening to what your customers want is important if you want to get ahead. We can provide the support and guidance in order to help increase your customer base and your sales.



  • Gives you the tools to understand what drives customer expectations and behaviour

  • Helps you identify and size potential revenue streams

  • Provides insight into the impact of competitors

  • Helps you fine tune your sales channels

  • Identify the best media tools to engage your market

  • Provides input into research and development, human resources and IT strategies

  • Creates strategies to optimise all marketing spend

  • Gives you a chance to review key changes in the market and industry

  • Identifies the areas of the business that provide opportunity or need attention

  • Sets timeframes for achieving goals and therefore provides accountability

  • Provides a document to communicate your marketing goals and strategy with your Team

  • Divides your goals into short term and long term - Quick Wins vs. Key Projects

  • Provides you with a template to review actual performance against targets

  • It can be used as a basis for you to set Team members’ individual goals / targets


Marketing planning - what does it involve?

Following the completion of pre-work, you’ll attend a four hour planning session covering the following:

  • Setting vision and goals for the business

  • SWOT analysis

  • Needs Analysis / define the competitor market

  • Defining, sizing and segmenting your market

  • Formulating strategies to achieve your business goals

  • Setting action plans for The Five Ps (promotion, product, place, price, people)

  • Prioritising actions into 90 days (immediate) and 1 year (long term)

Communications Planning

Are you getting the message across?

To engage with your clients and potential clients, the principles of good communication are key. Having a strong brand, as with knowing who you are and what you stand for, comes a strong sense of self. To ensure your communications are supporting your business and marketing goals, you need to have a plan to get the most out of your communications spend.

Communication planning helps by ensuring that every communication is effective by clearly defining objectives and their relationship to overall business and marketing goals. You can identify the cost benefit of each communication. Drive a culture of continuous improvement by measuring and learning from responses and refining subsequent communications. Save time and money by establishing multi-purpose templates, processes and response handling mechanisms. Provide consistency of messages and creative across communications and media. Communication planning enables you to be more responsive to competitor activity and provides an overview document from which to drive campaigns. Give yourself input into product development, sales strategy and IT strategy, whilst having accountability.


communications planning - the low-down

You will be asked to complete pre-work outlining your business and marketing plans (including a full description of each customer segment), as well as detailing prior 12 months communications (creative, media, results). As well you will need to set a communications budget.

You will then attend a three hour planning session covering the following:

  • A review of The Principles of Good Communication and Branding

  • A discussion on your strategy for each segment

  • Overview of key industry communications / initiatives

  • Formulate a 12 month calendar of activity for each market segment identifying:

  • Key messages and media

  • Measurement metrics

  • The role of incentives

  • Response handling

Be prepared.

Thinking about what would happen if your home was destroyed by a disaster or what would happen if you were in an accident is not something that many people enjoy contemplating.

Unfortunately accidents do happen and when they do, we find that the more peoples affairs are organised, the less stress is put on their family to make urgent decisions.

That’s where the Life Organiser comes in.

A central register for all matters that relate to you, it has been developed to assist you in managing your affairs, keeping them documented and backed up electronically. The Life Organiser can store personal, financial, property, insurance and business details.

We know this can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but giving your family less to worry about always outweighs this factor. If you currently do not have important documents collated then we recommend using this service.

With an Organisational Review.

In order for a business to run effectively and efficiently there needs to be a clear Organisation Chart, which visually defines departments, functions, roles and  responsibilities. Not only for the current structure, but also for one that is measurable for future growth. 

We will act as a sounding board for you to discuss your ideas. Gain access to our collective wisdom; our systems, products and services and develop a business structure that you understand and have created. Increase efficiency and productivity in your business model, whilst developing a structure that will support the future plans for your business. Find clarity for your team around their roles, responsibilities and career development opportunities. This will increase team engagement and satisfaction as they know what is expected of them. Allow your business to be more sustainable, scalable and ultimately saleable.

All the while, free up time for you to concentrate on revenue generating activities.