Do receipts, timesheets and paperwork drive you crazy?

How many hours do you or your team spend on paperwork every month?  And at what cost?  That’s why we are so excited about these two new software solutions: HubDoc and Deputy. Both take the pain out of integrating daily paperwork with your accounting software.

Hubdoc Logo.png

About Hubdoc

This software extracts key information from receipts, invoices and bank statements and uploads it automatically into your accounting software.  These receipts, invoices or bank statements might come from your mobile phone (like a photo of a receipt), an attachment in an email (like an invoice) or a file created by scanning a document. The software then automatically extracts specific information to create an invoice (attaching the original supplier invoice) in your accounting software (Xero, QuickBooks Online and And if you are using MYOB there is a solution so you can also use HubDoc.

Another great feature is the ‘fetch integration’ cutting out the need to email documents to HubDoc. Instead, it automatically fetches your electronic bank statements and invoices. All you need to do is set up the rules to tell HubDoc what to fetch. At the moment this integration has been configured to work with banks and major suppliers but is likely to be expanded over the coming months.

And finally, HubDoc automatically sorts and organises all your documents into searchable and customisable folders as soon as they arrive. The digital filing cabinet is backed up forever and is available on any device. Goodbye paper!


About Deputy

Deputy is the ultimate employee management solution for hourly paid and shift-based workers. Using this software, you can create and publish rosters manually, or use the auto-scheduling smart feature that finds the best employee for each shift. You can also say goodbye to timesheets forever. Employees can clock in and out using their smartphones, along with viewing tasks, daily jobs and responsibilities. And in the event of sickness or absence, the shift swapping feature can notify other employees, giving them the option to take that shift. And best of all, it integrates with payroll software (Xero and MYOB) and point of sale software (Kounta and Vend).

From as little as $5 per month + GST you’d be crazy not to check out this software. For more information give our technology specialists a call on 407 7117 or visit our Efficiency Add-Ons page.