As Operations Manager, Kerrin is responsible for the day-to-day management of the operations team. The implementation of new processes, procedures, software & IT technology are all driven by Kerrin. With a particular interest in farming & construction industries & the well-being of our clients, she also completes Annual Accounts & GST Returns for large clients. A strength of Kerrin’s is her ability to multitask! She can often be found juggling several things at once & succeeding at them all. 

As a woman who starts her day with a long black, Kerrin is driven by the “variety of work, our amazing range of clients, watching our team grow and excel at their work”. This year she is looking forward to the challenge to keep up with technology, both for WWL & our clients. She is excited to see our focus change from just preparing accounts for clients, to helping them grow in their businesses. With the introduction of AML regulations, changes in IRD processes and review of Trust rules in the coming year there is lots to focus on for Kerrin. It’s vital we keep up with changes in technology to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible giving us time & resources to help our clients with their businesses and keep ahead of the changes.

Kerrin and her husband live on a lifestyle farm in Kerikeri, along with their horses, cattle, ducks and a myriad of other animals. She is actively involved in equestrian committees and spends most weekends at horse events competing at dressage tournaments or with her daughter, a keen competitive showjumper.