Mycoplasma Bovis Update

As at 7 August 2018, Biosecurity New Zealand reported 37 Mycoplasma bovis active infected properties nationwide with a number of Northland properties receiving Restricted Place Notices or Notices of Direction. Both these notices restrict movement of animals while tests are being conducted.

Milk testing and culling of diseased animals are the primary tools being used to contain and eradicate the disease.

What you need to do as a farmer:
•    Look out for the following signs (in cows):
o    Unusual mastitis in cows that doesn’t respond to treatment
o    Arthritis
o    Late-term abortion
o    High number of calf deaths
•    Report any signs to:
o    Your vet
o    The Ministry for Primary Industries on 0800 80 99 66

Biosecurity NZ provide a range of resources on biosecurity for the rural sector including those on lifestyle blocks. For more information visit:

You can also download this poster on managing Mycoplasma bovis