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Often seen as the ‘back bone’ of the country, the primary sector has focused in recent decades on maximizing productivity, using R&D to fine-tune operations and optimize output. This has resulted in highly regulated industries that are often in conflict with environmental ideologies.

Today, however, we are seeing a global move towards a ‘market’ or ‘customer focused’ approach, where value-add holds the key to agri-food products. 

Our team of agri-business specialists are experienced in advising clients on how to create a business model that is adaptable, sustainable and profitable — ensuring you are able to change as the market changes. We also work alongside other industry experts to provide clients with access to specialist solutions including conservation management, farm management, insurance and business funding.

With extensive experience in this sector, we focus on implementing ‘smart’ solutions that give you improved control over the whole business — not just the finances:

  • ACC advice and reviews

  • Advice on capital investment and depreciation

  • Benchmarking of financial and non-financial metrics (using DairyBase)

  • Business strategy, planning and coaching

  • Business structures advice

  • Cashflow management strategies and tools

  • Employment and payroll services

  • Farm sale and purchase advice

  • Forecasting (to support cashflow and capital investment planning)

  • Livestock accounting and tax valuations

  • Pricing and profitability strategies and monitoring

  • Succession planning

  • Systems and software recommendations

  • Tax management, planning and reviews

  • Trust management and reviews

  • Wealth accumulation (for retirement)