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Welcome to the latest version of The Edge - Whitelaw Weber's quarterly newsletter. In this edition you will find the dates for our next round of FREE Xero training, information on the new employer legislation and donations that can be tax deductible, as well as the latest news for the WWL Team. Plus, we’re now a Xero Platinum Partner, which you can read more about below!

If you have any questions about a particular topic or need further advice we are just a phone call away - 09 407 7117.

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Taking the pain out of being an employer

Some time ago we asked our clients what their biggest challenge was in relation to running or growing their businesses. The answer was unanimous – staffing: finding skilled (or unskilled) people who came to work every day.

On Wednesday 8 May we are running an event designed to help Northland employers find and retain good people. We have a great line up of speakers and industry experts who are ready and willing to work with employers, answer questions and provide some practical solutions to the employment challenge.

Put the date in your calendar now and we will have more information coming to you soon. If you want to register now, please call or email Kirsty on 407 7117 or kirsty@wwc.co.nz.

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Gumboot Friday

On Friday we cleaned off our gumboots and stomped our way into the office. We challenged the community to join our fundraiser by visiting one of our three offices wearing their gumboots. Over the day we had many people stomp in wearing their gumboots, or to donate cash. A big thank you to those who took time out of their day, gave a donations and made a difference to kids living with mental health issues. To get an update on how Gumboot Friday went check out I Am Hope.

We think Annika’s combination of a dress with gumboots could be the next big fashion trend: rural meets office. What do you think?

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What’s your time worth?

Have you ever stopped to work out your hourly rate? If you calculate all the time you spend on the tools, quoting work, managing subcontractors, ordering parts and doing paperwork, you may be quietly horrified.


A new team member

No Whitelaw Weber newsletter would be complete without the announcement of a new baby. Lindsay Russell, chartered accountant, managed to put her feet up for two days before Max decided it was time to put in an appearance. Thankfully Lindsay and husband, Zane were well prepared, welcoming Max on February 3rd!

Like so many Kiwi blokes, Max is a strapping lad with a good set of lungs.

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New employer legislation

Payday Filing is the new system that employers must comply with from 1 April 2019, as part of managing employee’s payments such as wages or salaries, PAYE and other deductions.

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A sticky situation

Beekeeping and honey production is a significant industry sector in Northland providing hundreds of jobs, particularly in low-income communities. However, a decision by MPI to redefine the lucrative manuka honey product could reportedly see a drop in income by as much as 70%.

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Xero Training in May

Are you ready for the next round of free Xero Training!

Twice a year we run Xero training for those wanting to get the most out of their software. We will be running the next sessions in late May. These are complimentary for clients new to Xero or needing a refresher (or $75 + GST per session for non-clients).

If you want to book in now, give your client manager a call on 407 7117.

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Tax credits for donations

We thought it was timely to remind you about the criteria for making a charitable donation that is tax deductible:

  • $5 or more; and

  • Made to an approved charitable organisation; and

  • There is no direct benefit to you or your family; and

  • You earned taxable income in the same year that you are claiming for; and

  • You are a New Zealand resident; and

  • You are claiming it against your personal tax (not company, trust or partnership); and

  • You have a valid receipt.

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Tourism in the off-peak

In Northland, the THL (tourism, hospitality, leisure) industry experiences a significant off-peak season relative to other New Zealand regions. This is an unfortunate side effect of our mild climate – making the winter shorter and not quite cold enough for typical winter-related activities such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating!

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Keeping NZ Clean

By now you have probably heard a bit about the new Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act that recently came into effect.

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Introducing the Business Lab

Just like your business, our client’s needs continue to change and evolve. One of the key trends has been the increase in business ‘growth’ services. We recognise that providing tax related services is a core need, but many clients also want advice on making their businesses more profitable and sustainable.

In response, we recently launched the Business Lab. Clients can now access business coaching, specialist growth programmes, educational events, training and a large library of business literature all under one roof.

If you would like to know more about growing your business or any of these services, give Kirsty a call on 407 7117.

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What shines brighter than gold?

The answer is platinum. Whitelaw Weber was recently ranked as a platinum Xero provider which means a lot of you are using Xero to run your businesses.

There is no doubt that cloud-based software that integrates with other software is the new standard for running a business. It also enables you to identify opportunities and make improvements that allow you to achieve your business and personal goals.

With three offices full of Xero certified people, we are more than happy to help you with any queries, or you can pop into our Kerikeri office on Tuesdays for Tech Talks.

“It is not what technology does to us, it is what we do to technology. Get smart with technology, choose wisely and use it in a way that benefits both you and those around you.”

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Bridging the employment gap

The Bald Angels Charitable Trust exists to motivate communities to nourish their own tamariki (children) so they thrive. The Trust’s achievements and influence has made a real difference to many local families and children

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Young talent

After looking long and hard, we found the perfect person to keep our three offices running smoothly. Ashlea Benjamin joined us in late 2018 in the role of Client Services Administrator and is tasked with ensuring the work flows smoothly and everyone has what they need to get their jobs done.

Like so many driven people, Ashlea juggles study with work and home life. When she is not studying for her Bachelor of Business (majoring in accounting of course), she can be found walking her dogs or playing with her new baby sister.

Feel free to pop into our Kerikeri office to say hi. You will find Ashlea based in our reception area, working alongside the equally talented Tegan.