What’s your time worth?

Have you ever stopped to work out your hourly rate? If you calculate all the time you spend on the tools, quoting work, managing subcontractors, ordering parts and doing paperwork, you may be quietly horrified.

Technology holds the key to running an efficient construction business that serves you and not the other way around. Software like ReceiptBank, HubDoc, Geo Op, Simpro, Tradify, Fergus, Buildertrend and TidyBuild integrates with Xero and many other accounting programmes. This integration enables you to manage construction projects and workflow, reduce paperwork and eliminate double-handling.

In addition, cloud-based solutions enable you to work from anywhere so getting away with the family, catching up with the lads, or taking time for yourself becomes a reality.

If it’s time to evaluate your hourly rate, come and have a chat with one of our construction specialists or your client manager.