Tourism NZ let us in on their secrets!

The off-peak season has delivered a raft of tourism conferences aimed at supporting and upskilling operators for the 2018/19 season. 

On behalf of Auckland Airport, Big Picture shared findings from research into off peak international visitors from Australia, China and the US.  This presentation highlighted the different needs from these markets and how to package offers to attract them. It also touched on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle concept which we find is a really useful framework for helping our clients with their annual business plans.

This was followed by a presentation from Louise Beard, Forward Insight & Strategy. Louise talked about the growing importance of the Indian market including how they travel, what their needs are and how to engage these visitors.

And finally, we attended the Tourism NZ Road Show which was run by Tourism NZ but also included presentations from Hon Kelvin Davis, Tourism Minister and David Wilson CEO of Northland Inc. We also heard about how the Provincial Growth Fund is being used and how Northland is one of six ‘surge’ provinces that will receive funding ahead of other regions.

Tourism NZ outlined their strategy for attracting international visitors to the provinces and how they are evolving the 100% Pure New Zealand brand story which has been in play for many years. There is a great range of tools on their website including research insights and a free image library. We recommend taking a look.

At this time of year we also recommend reviewing your annual business plan, sales plan and new technologies (to improve efficiency) – so you can hit the ground running when summer rolls around. 

For more information on getting your business ready for next season, contact our tourism specialists, Kirsty Grant or Annika Dickey on 09 407 7117.