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Life is for living – at every age. And that's why Kiwis are starting to recognise the importance of smart saving. Read more

We are delighted to introduce you to our new online tool - The Hub. This tool gives you the ability to securely share documents with us (and vice versa) from any device - no need to bring in heavy files or remember to send emails. Through The Hub you can also sign (approve) documents using the e-signature facility.

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Game Changing Accountants

Accounting is no longer the sole domain of bean counters and those wearing business suits and glasses. Technology has turned accounting on its head. And rightly so. Anyone can download robust reliable software to support their business and lifestyle. And it doesn't stop there - technology continues to evolve. Those very clever software developers keep coming out with new tools that can do everything from reconciling bank statements through to remotely managing a sales force.

Now imagine taking that ever-changing technology and combining it with years of hands-on business smarts - that's a recipe for peace of mind, financial freedom and business success.

Sound intriguing? Read on, or take the shortcut and drop us a line. And before you know it we'll be helping you #livethedream.


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