Tegan plays a pivotal role in the Whitelaw Weber team, ensuring the office runs smoothly, clients are looked after, documents are where they need to be and our marketing communications look stunning.

Originally from the Bay of Islands, Tegan grew up on the family lifestyle block enjoying horse riding, helping out with the livestock and dabbling in her love of art.

This love of art led her to the Whitecliffe College of Art and Design where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in photography). When Tegan is not holding the fort at Whitelaw Weber, she and business partner, Lydia can be found behind the camera. From glamorous weddings to gorgeous baby portraits, Tegan and Lydia Photography do it all.

The variety of work, and the focus on continuous improvement ensure no two days are the same. Technology is a big driver in the firm and something that Tegan is very comfortable with.

And as the organizer of Friday drinks (among other fantastic events), the Whitelaw Weber team are adamant that they can’t do without her!